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Prof (Dr) Ratnesh Dwivedi

Welcome Note by Vice Chancellor

A University is a place not only for higher learning but also for overall growth to cultivate a student into a good human being and successful professional.

Learnforth University, founded in 2018 is a vision to nurture students from all across globe. Today when world is on threshold of a new beginning you have selected a right place for your overall development and to embark on a journey very few have dared to adopt.

We at Learnforth offer inclusive growth, a global atmosphere and world class faculty who not only teaches you but also guide you on your professional goals.

We offer F2F, blended and online mode of study where students can study from the comfort of their homes as well. Learnforth is not only an University but a life pattern from where you will learn to excel in your life.

Our world class facilities and flexible teaching mode does not overburden you all the time but gives you a soothing experience. We are in line of top Universities and believe that self learning is best mode of excelling in life while our international students will receive continuous guidance by esteemed faculties where they will study on & off classroom, do their assignments, field exercises, tutorials, projects in a safe and secure digital world.

I Prof (Dr) Ratnesh Dwivedi welcome you all my students, faculties, staff, directors, deans, Head of Departments into the world of Learnforth and together we shall make this world beautiful.

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Before you apply disclaimer


Learnforth University is 100% Online university operated from the ancient City of Salford.


Consult with accreditation organizations, professional associations, universities, and prospective employers before taking any program of study in higher education or training to determine, with clarity, if the qualification will meet their professional requirements.


Paying for admission application and having access to study materials is not a final decision on your admission status. Your admission can be withdrawn without refund since it’s based on Provisional terms. Make sure you provide all valid documents required by Learnforth for verification.


We have secured the following: Global Institute for IT Management (New York) (FIND OUT). We have applied for membership with the Association of African Universities (AAU) Application review. Our membership approval into IADTEI (International Association for Digital Technology Educators & Institution). Our membership considerations with AMA (American Management Institute).


Learnforth offers 100% Self-paced courses which requires your ardent commitment to research topics. You will be graded by our faculties of high repute and members of the academic staff assigned to your courses. We do not offer instructor-paced courses.