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Learnforth University began in 2008 as a member of Learnforth University Educational Services International, over the years we have been committed to offering quality education to all irrespective of race, beliefs, and class.


Over the years, we have maintained the Lighthouse Tradition, to uphold her foundations and make firm her purpose which is to illuminate the minds of the young and old; to make them solution experts through rigorous yet exciting learning process that catapults them ahead of their equals; providing a safe and reliable educational system that maintains global practices and digital inclusion

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Admission into Learnforth University is a click away and most convenient admission process across the world. With finely coded LMS that combines traditional learning and research;  our system is set to be the best in the world.
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Learnforth University ideology is geared towards preparing students technically and theoretically to become expert solution providers.

Our Mission


To offer quality education without boundaries and become world fastest growing online college with global educational standards.

Our Visions


To embed professionalism and educational ethics that will represent the mission statement and goals of the institution.

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What Students Say

I am grateful for your wonderful course! Your tutors are the best, and I am completely satisfied with the level of professional teaching.

Mary Nkem Nneigwe Tani-Komolafe

Masters, Child Psychology

The learning pattern is just from another world and the process is engaging; giving me the ductility to manage my time well.

Rita Newman Ignatius

M.Ed. in Child Psychology

Bachelor’s Degree Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Learnforth University

Can I get a bachelor’s degree online?

Yes. Online bachelor’s degree programs are available in many popular fields of study and are ideal for those with busy schedules. Studying online gives you the flexibility combine work with study and looking at the rapid request for new knowledge and innovation, online degrees are the quickest form of acquiring skills that addresses societal problems even at home and in the work place.

Is Learnforth University online bachelor’s degree worth it?

Learnforth University Bachelor’s degree remains one of the best. Recently looking at the admission process and learning innovation that encourages student to undergo research and in-depth learning habits in other to gain required and adequate skills in their choice program, our Bachelor and Masters degree program has scaled top-notch amongst universities across the globe.

There is no difference between our college and other accredited colleges. We offer learning experience that is bespoke tailored specifically to address immediate problem in work place. We offer an innovative learning module that is unique with Learnforth University.

Having a bachelor degree opens doors for opportunities.

How can I save money earning a degree online?

Learnforth University offers 50% scholarship, grants and offers applicants the opportunity to pay three times for the period of two years.

Another is choosing an online learning environment. When you earn a degree online, you can complete your degree from home, eliminating the costs related to relocating or commuting to a campus. Plus, online degree programs allow you to continue working full time, helping to ensure you don’t miss out on earnings while you learn.


Are you accredited by National Universities Commission (NUC)?

NUC currently does not recognize nor have any regulatory cover for foreign universities or fully online universities. To put it into perspective, just the same way NUC can’t accredit a traditional European or American university which is outside of NUC’s jurisdiction, it also can’t accredit Learnforth University. This may affect Learnforth bachelor’s degree graduates who are looking to pursue NYSC, although graduates of Nexford University are still eligible to apply for a certificate of exclusion which is an official NYSC certificate. We monitor NUC regulations very closely and if they do change in the future, we will be at the forefront of these updates.

What is the fastest way to get a bachelor’s degree online?

Learnforth University provides degree award acceleration module, individualized to translate college-level knowledge into credits that can help you earn your degree more quickly and affordably. Items taken into consideration might include work experience, military training, certificates of completion, independent studies, volunteer work, previously earned college credits, etc.