AS in Business Management

Your gateway to achieving a successful bachelor’s degree pursuit in Business and Entrepreneurial studies.

AS in Business management

Graduates of the A.S. in Business Administration program are prepared to begin a business career immediately or continue on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration for increased employment options and advancement opportunities.

Course overview

Business and Entrepreneurship are the driving force of our current society. This course will expose you the difference and their fused nature to make your a world class entrepreneur.

Study areas include:

  • Business management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Introductory Leadership skills
  • International business

LU Xperience

  • Use real-world case problems.
  • Term paper for each course
  • Study evaluation 
  • One session course

Fees and Tuition

The following is compulsory for both scholarship students and self-funded students.

$45USD – Exams fees

$200USD – Certification

$50USD – Accreditation fees

$35USD – Official email (Not compulsory).

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