Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Course Overview


Study areas include:

  • Business administration
  • Economics
  • Business innovation
  • Corporate law
  • IT Management
  • Marketing
  • Digital promotion

LU Xperience

  • Use real-world case problems.
  • Term paper for each course
  • Study evaluation¬†
  • Two sessions course (a session is six months study, evaluation and term paper)
Course structure

This course has two sessions which will last for one year. Since it’s self-paced, fast learners over the years have completed these six months that’s one session.

Our grading system combines your test, term paper, quizzes and real-life experiments and you must have 45% points to pass the course.

Teaching structure
  • Teaching includes lectures which comes in text and images and video lectures
  • The modules are well crafted materials from our faculties and guest faculties, research work and text books
  • Contribute and interact in groups through the use of smart technology
  • Your term paper plays a significant rule in graduating this course
  • Learnforth ideology is to grade your excellence, resilient and study habits and these makes up 10% points.
  • Evaluation through online quizzes and general exams using¬†
  • Forum contribution, real life assessment work plus group assignment
Fees and Tuition

The following is compulsory for both scholarship students and self-funded students:

  • $45USD – Exams fee
  • $200USD – Certification
  • $35USD – Official email (Not compulsory)
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