M.Ed. Child Psychology

Course Overview


Study areas include:

  • Study Counseling and Guidance
  • Psychology
  • Child psychology
  • Early childhood education
  • Health education

LU Xperience

  • Use real-world case problems.
  • Term paper for each course
  • Study evaluation 
  • Graduate in a short period depending on your study and activity speed.
Course structure

This course has 12 months period and minimum 6 months period to complete. Since it’s self-paced, fast learners over the years have completed these courses in less than a year.

Our grading system combines your test, term paper, quizzes and real-life experiments and you must have 45% points to pass the course.

Teaching structure
  • Teaching includes lectures which comes in text and images and sometimes video lectures
  • The modules are well crafted materials from our faculties and guest faculties, research work and text books
  • Contribute and interact in groups through the use of smart technology
  • Your term paper plays a significant rule in graduating this course
  • Learnforth ideology is to grade your excellence, resilient and study habits and these makes up 10% points.
  • Evaluation through online quizzes and general exams using 
  • Forum contribution, real life assessment work plus group assignment
Fees and Tuition

The following is compulsory for both scholarship students and self-funded students:

  • $550USD one time fee
  • $50USD hard copy certificate

Child Psychology

If you love children and have a desire to better their lives, this field may be a good fit for you. According to Forbes, psychology was a top ten major for both men and women. Child psychology students often study children’s behavior, vulnerabilities, and developmental changes.

This is one of the many branches of psychology and the most often studied specialty areas. This specific branch addresses the mind and behavior of children from prenatal through adolescence.

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