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It begins with a path

With our Associate degree you begin a journey of studying for an undergraduate degree. This learning path also prepare you for the corporate world.






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Pathway to undergraduate degree

Why study for an Associate Certificate?

  • To prepare for an undergraduate degree at Learnforth University
  • Prepare you for immediate market use. 
  • Have a start-head on what you will cover on your undergraduate degree courses
  • Create sense of learning and engage with other students with our LU Xperience modules
  • Choose from our available courses in Business, Education, Science and Humanity
  • Mentorship program for your choice degree and possible recommendation for placement
  • Advance the dedication you need to succeed at Learnforth
  • It takes only one session of 6 months.

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Associate Certificate Program


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Associate in Web Development and Design

This path way prepares you for a Web development, Computer Science, IT Management, Artificial Intelligence related undergraduate degree

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[ux_image_box style=”push” img=”57680″ image_height=”70%” image_hover=”zoom” link=”https://learnforthuniversity.com/associate-in-business-entrepreneurial-studies/” text_bg=”rgb(255, 255, 255)” text_padding=”20px 5% 20px 5%”]

Associate in Business & Entrepreneurial Studies

This pathway prepares you for a Business, Entrepreneurial studies, Economics or Finance related undergraduate degree

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[ux_image_box style=”push” img=”57689″ image_height=”70%” image_hover=”zoom” link=”https://learnforthuniversity.com/associate-in-digital-marketing-promotion/” text_bg=”rgb(255, 255, 255)” text_padding=”20px 5% 20px 5%”]

Associate in Digital Marketing & Promotion

Pride as one of our most subscribed pathway, this pathway prepares you a Marketing, Business Innovation, Digital Promotion and Design related undergraduate degree.

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