COVID-19 Message by Vice Chancellor

The world is facing one of the most Challenging time in Human History. This can be compared when a student is asked to participate in an On Spot Essay Competition when you are unaware of topic and rules. God or Humans have given us this On Spot exam and we have to pass it with distinction. We have to turn uncertainty into certainty, failures into success, sufferings in to pleasure, Obstacles in to a clear path, Illness and Pandemics in to a healthy life and that we must do .

We can do my dear students, faculties, staff and senior officers. COVID 19 is testing us in all
respect and asking us to prove ourselves in a time and condition when we were not ready, we were not prepared . Its time which is testing Human existence as we do not know how long COVID 19 will stay with us. Lets face it.

As an Academic,I think there are several ways of successfully taking on it. One such is creating awareness and Educating along our regular study. Universities, Schools, Colleges, Professors, Teachers all are doing it and that’s why we at learnforth has designed our curriculum in such a way that our global students can study from comfort of their homes.

We have a message board where we are regularly updating about pandemic, we are tracking the scientific developments in area of vaccine and medicine and we are in touch with governments,hospitals and Corona Warriors to get latest updates.

I am hopeful that our this small try will help many along with my students,faculty,staff,director,dean,HoDs community and everyone else.

Let’s sail through this testing time.

Prof (Dr) Ratnesh Dwivedi
Vice Chancellor
Learnforth University